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Best of Mexico


This program is designed to identify and celebrate the outstanding citizens in the Greater New Mexico area.

We did not have enough nominations to hold the Best of Mexico Event this year, but hope to bring it back for 2024.

The Chamber would like to recognize the two nominations we received and thank the nominators for their participation.

Outstanding Community Organization:

The Mexico Elementary PTO has always been an exceptional organization that is constantly working behind the scenes to provide support for our educational staff and our families. A small group of parents and teachers working hand-in-hand to raise funds for classroom needs and sponsor fun family activities for the community is at the heart of what this group does.

More recently, though, a small handful of women have elevated the organization and revitalized some of the activities including a Back-to-School Picnic with food trucks, entertainment, and activities, Bingo Nights, and has maintain certain old favorites like the Holiday Movie Night to kick off Christmas in Mexico weekend.

Specifically, Julie Robinson, Jen Wisnewski, Lyndsey Fellows, Sara Segouin, Meredith Hilton, and Kathy Fischer not only worked to transition the PTA to a PTO and streamlined the group’s social media and online presence, but they also are responsible for organizing all of the club’s events and fundraisers. These volunteer organizations bring a little cheer to our schools and families and deserve to be recognized for all the time and effort they put into an otherwise thankless job.

Outstanding Community Volunteer or Organization:

Emalee Herrington is a young lady and graduate of MACS. Several years ago she started a non profit called Emalee’s Musical Medicine. Emalee is a student, she works as a substitute teacher and also is a music instructor in Oswego. She funds Emalee’s Musical Medicine from what she earns as well as donations from her community, friends, family and even strangers. Emalee uses her musical gifts to help others as well. She began Emalee’s Muscial Medicine to make custom cds that children undergoing medical treatments could listen to to ease them, help with their discomfort and feel better. It has since grown into an organization that delivers holiday gifts to local children in need. She has delivered toys, clothing, and even food for the kiddos and their families. She works closely with Palermo Elementary and local churches.

Emalee is incredibly sensitive to others’ needs, she does this in a quiet way never wanting to bring attention to herself. Emalee is also a gifted singer/song writer that uses her talent to sing at gigs to help defray the cost for her non-profit. Emalee also volunteers her time with the KEYS program and is always willing to perform at charity events and local fundraisers. Emalee is the BOM in the form of a young person! We should add Emalee did a huge food, paper goods, baby item drive for Rochester Ronald McDonald House where her family stayed for weeks following her brothers accident/surgery.